707s – club boats

To remedy the lack of local training in the North-East of Scotland, Banff Sailing Club has two Hunter 707 keel sailing boats. We operate a training facility that is inclusive to all throughout the sailing season [May to September]. During the winter months classroom training and maintenance sessions are held. Hunter 707 keel sailing boats are ideal for those new to sailing. Having a spinnaker it is a versatile boat, excellent for match racing and affords an all-round training experience. These boats offer opportunities for members to compete with each other, in regattas or race events.


707s provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy a  “taster session” for beginners. Learning to sail these boats improves skills and will build self-confidence within a team environment. They have the stability required for beginners, whilst offering the speed and excitement of a high-performance yacht, for the discerning sailor.

707s can also provide a stepping-stone from dinghy sailing to keelboats and yachting. Without the need to go and buy equipment, interested parties can come along and see if sailing is the sport for them. Sessions will be run on a Wednesday evening & some weekends from May till September.

Contact us at 707info@banffsailingclub.co.uk or via our Facebook page

Day and evening Sails

Saturday and Wednesday evening sessions are available to all members, as a follow-on to the introduction, join us to take your experience further.


As an ambassador of the 707 section of Banff Sailing Club all training will be provided to achieve all round yachting skills. These positions are available to all members and our ambassadors help promote, recruit and train all members to the highest standards. For those who wish to log up miles and work towards day skipper, yacht master and other qualifications, this is the most cost effective and efficient method.

As a guide, we want our Ambassadors to become competent in:

Safety: Safely briefing all Crew, life jackets, VHF radio, MOB procedure.

Navigation: Interpreting charts, knowing “rights of way” and small vessels responsibilities.

Boat handling under sail: Sail choice, all points of sailing, reefing, sail and boat trimming.

Boat handling under engine: Pre-start check, using engine, maneuvering on/off pontoon.

Racing: Knowing racing rules, safely matching boat-handling skills and crew levels to the racing conditions (wind, tide, sea state, fleet size etc.)



  1. We have a taster session for new members which costs £25 – £5 of which is required to become a temporary club member for insurance purposes.
  2. Day sailing as an introduction regardless of experience – £40 per session includes temporary membership for a limited period [generally the first month]
  3. Pay as you sail, available to all members in the first year of full membership – £40 per session plus annual membership of £70 single, £85 Family
  4. Ambassadors:

             Tier 1: annual subscription of £500 Plus annual club membership and unlimited use of boats and facilities. [Excludes Regatta Fees etc]

             Tier 2: Annual subscription of £200 plus £20 per sailing session [Excludes Regatta Fees etc]

  1. Regattas – these are charged as appropriate and are subject to availability, ambassadors have priority.
  2. Maintenance, improvements and breakages – from time to time there may be a need to assist to keep the boats race equipped and up to date. These sessions are free to attend and will provide a good understanding to both novices and advanced skippers.
  3. Pre-certified course training – subject to availability – cost will be agreed prior to commencing.
  4. Should Membership commence after 31st September the rate will be reduced to £35 single and £40 Family.


Banff sailing club compete in various races, our 707s are no exception, in fact they actively compete as often as possible, in a variety of locations. If you are interested in taking part in competitions our club has all your needs covered, along with excellent training and experienced skippers.


For information on “Taster Sessions”, improving your skills or racing, please email: 707info@banffsailingclub.co.uk or via Facebook